Hooded Soft Blanket Fleece Throw Hoodie

A Quality Hooded Warm Throw by Etake

Wearable Hoodie Throw with Buttons and pompom String Closure Option

The Super Soft luxury Hooded blanket is Warm, cozy and lightweight made from richer & softer Polyester fabric.

The double-layers thick throw warp can be dressed as a shawl covering shoulders and arms, to help you stay warm from head to toe during winter.

The stylish design helps you stay warm while you are reading, watching TV, studying, relaxing and playing on bed and sofa, doing housework.

Exquisite design You would love to wear this outside, while sitting in the garden or standing in the balcony.

Made of 100% polyester Microfiber this Lightweight, supremely soft and fluffy Hooded Blanket is all you need For Winter-time warmth and cozy comfort year-round-plus practical user-friendly functionality.


£28.95 £17.99